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Explore Michigan: Say yah to da U.P. eh!

Fall has arrived in Michigan! It came in quickly this year, like a November gale blowing off the coast of one of the Great Lakes. Since fall is one of the shortest seasons in Michigan, the time to go out and enjoy the season is now! Very soon the leaves will be gone and the snow will be falling. Fall in Michigan means the cider mills are churning out fresh cider and warm donuts, apples can be found on the cheap in every supermarket, candy is discounted in preparation for Halloween, and everything has some pumpkin spice added to it. In other words, it’s a great time of year :D. If this is your first year in Michigan, here’s a brief timeline of fall weather:

Meet the Bloggers: Jeff Lowe

Hello blog readers! I’m Jeff Lowe, one of the newest student bloggers. I’m eager to provide some new and exciting posts to this already vibrant blog. Before I do so, I would like to introduce myself. I am what my friends refer to as a “Michigan Man,” but not in the sense that I am the epitome of a well-educated Wolverine that bleeds maize and blue and sets an example for future students. I am simply a person that loves the state of Michigan, of which the University of Michigan is certainly a big part. Beyond that, however, I love the people, the culture, the towns, and especially the weather (in a non-facetious way). I have lived in Michigan nearly my whole life; I grew up in Southeast Michigan and attended Michigan Tech for my undergraduate schooling.