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The blog is a collection of ideas, perspectives, and stories curated in partnership with graduate students, creating a space to connect, inspire, and illuminate the experiences of graduate life.

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Announcing the Winners of the 2017 Faculty Mentoring Awards

Supporting effective faculty mentoring of graduate students is a top priority of the Graduate School. Outstanding mentors guide students throughout their professional training with respect and concern, serving as advisor, teacher, advocate, sponsor, and role model. To recognize excellence in mentorship, Rackham asks graduate students and faculty for nominations for three awards: the John D’Arms Faculty Award for Distinguished Graduate Mentoring in the Humanities, the Rackham Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award, and the Rackham Master’s Mentoring Award.

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Why You Should Attend Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week

Did you know that across the nation (and in Canada too!) that the week of April 2-8 marks Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week (GPSAW)? Every year the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students asks campuses to acknowledge and appreciate the positive impact graduate and professional students have on our campus.

There is no doubt that graduate and professional students have a significant impact on the University of Michigan campus. The numbers speak for themselves. At the University of Michigan: