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The Guide
The Guide to Campus and Community for Graduate and Professional Students

Rackham Graduate School Academic Policies
Contains the general rules and regulations that govern graduate study in Rackham programs.

How to Get the Mentoring You Want: A Guide for Graduate Students (PDF)
A resource for students who seek to improve the quality of their relationships with faculty.

Health and Wellness Resources
Rackham's guide to health and wellness resources on campus.

Integrity in Scholarship (PDF)
Resources on Academic Misconduct for Graduate Students at the University of Michigan

Dissertation Handbook (PDF)
A guide to preparing and submitting your doctoral dissertation. This publication provides guidelines, style specifications, and hints that will make your dissertation composition and submission easier.

Abstract & Dissertation Format Guidelines (PDF)
This guide takes you step by step through the formatting regulations of Rackham dissertations

How to Mentor Graduate Students (PDF)
A mentoring guide for faculty.

Rackham Handbook for Faculty Directors of Graduate Programs (PDF)
A reference guide for faculty members who act as the primary chair or director for Rackham programs.

Rackham Programs of Study
A listing of Rackham programs, their contact information, and application deadlines.

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