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Gift Guide

$1 - $750

Any size gift is pooled to support graduate student funding in one of the following awards or grants.


Conference Travel Grants
Provides opportunities for Rackham graduate students to become familiar with, and participate in the life of their academic professions by attending domestic or international academic conferences.

Emergency Funds
Helps meet the financial needs of Rackham graduate students who encounter an emergency situation or one-time, unusual, or unforeseen expenses during their degree program. Situations eligible for funding include such events health emergencies, major accidents, expenses related to the death of an immediate family member.


Student Research Grant
Supports Rackham graduate students who need assistance to carry out research that advances their progress toward their degree and defrays costs of conducting clearly defined research projects.


1 Internship
Graduate students pursue their academic work during the summer when they are not taking formal classes. Funding during the summer allows them to collect data, accept unpaid internships in their area of professional expertise, or pursue partnerships with government, industry, or community organizations. These experiences open up new horizons for students to link their academic work with important practical challenges and can be crucial preparation for future careers.


1 International Research Award
Defrays the cost of conducting research projects abroad for doctoral and master’s students, including travel and living expenses, hiring temporary research assistants or transcribers, or purchasing fieldwork equipment or archival materials and other research-related expenses.


1 Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Speeds the process of completing a dissertation and will permit candidates to work full-time on the final stages of their dissertations.

1 Debt Management Award
Designed to lighten the financial burden for students with sizable loan debt who will pursue public interest careers in the fields of Social Work, Social Science, Public Policy, Public Health, Nursing, Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology or Sociology.

Naming Opportunities


Named Candidacy Award
Provides vital funding when a student begins work on their dissertation.


Professional Development Sponsorship
Underwrites an internship or professional development workshop at Rackham such as the Dissertation Writing Institute.


Endowed Fellowship
Leave a lasting, named legacy by supporting graduate students with a fellowship that will enable students to stay focused on coursework and research rather than find a job outside of their studies.

Expendable Fellowship
Much like an endowed fellowship, this award supports graduate students and provides expendable funds to be used at the Dean’s discretion for graduate funding. A donor may specify certain preferences for selected award criteria.


International Fellowship
The Rackham International Student Fellowship assists outstanding international students, particularly those who may be ineligible for other kinds of support because of citizenship.

Recruitment Fellowship
Funds are used to attract exceptional students to the University of Michigan. This funding includes tuition, stipend and health insurance.


Endowed, Named Fellowship
A gift of $1 million or more will establish an endowed, named fellowship that provides a student with complete funding for 1 year. A fellowship may be named as the donor desires, and the recipients will carry that name through graduation.

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