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Rackham Conference Travel Grant

The Rackham Conference Travel Grant is intended to provide opportunities for Rackham graduate students to become familiar with, and participate in the life of, their academic professions. As part of its University-wide commitment to advancing international research and training, the International Institute provides funding for 30 awards to international destinations. The remainder of the funding comes from Rackham. You must submit your applications before the first day of the conference for travel through the end of the final term of registration. The conference may occur anytime up through your final semester of registration. Applications will not be considered for retroactive funding.


Graduate students are eligible to apply for a Rackham Conference Travel Grant award if:

  • The graduate student is in good academic standing in a Rackham degree granting program.
  • The student has responded to a formal call for abstracts.
  • The student has been accepted to present a poster or paper at a conference.

Please note - MFA Dance, Art and Design or DMA Music students are eligible for this funding to support a performance or exhibition at a conference.


Ongoing. Complete applications, including the letter of recommendation, must be received before the first day of the conference.

Award Description

A student is eligible to receive one travel grant award (either domestic or international, but not both) during a fiscal year, which runs from July 1 - June 30, based on the start date of the conference.

For students who qualify for need-based financial aid (including the child care subsidy), receipt of this Rackham award may reduce the original loan amount or subsidy. Please contact the U-M Office of Financial Aid for help evaluating your individual circumstances.

  • Up to $800 for the continental US.
  • Up to $1,050 for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe.
  • Up to $1,300 for Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Application Procedure

Students may visit the Rackham Conference Travel Grant application and submit the following:

  • Recommendation from the faculty advisor or graduate chair as to how the conference participation is directly relevant to the student’s research or graduate studies.
  • Copy of the confirmation of presentation (letter or e-mail is acceptable) with the applicant’s name clearly listed as a presenter or performer to verify the student’s acceptance to participate in the conference.
  • A budget regarding the amount of funding requested and a list of the specific expenses covered by the award.

Apply for the Rackham Conference Travel Grant

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