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Editing Checklist

Title Page

  • Paragraph centered on title page matches title page example
  • Names match names in Wolverine Access
  • No mention of “Program in” or “Department of” before program name
  • Year is the year degree is being conferred, not the year the dissertation was completed

Page Numbers

  • Front matter page numbers start with page ii
  • Front matter pages are all numbered with lower case Roman numerals (no page i)
  • No page numbers on Title Page, Frontispiece, or Copyright Page
  • Main body of dissertation starts on page 1

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents is not listed in the Table of Contents
  • All front matter sections (excluding Title Page, Frontispiece, Copyright Page, and Table of Contents) are listed in Table of Contents as well as the page number on which section begins
  • Chapter numbers, Chapter titles, and page numbers (on which Chapters begin) are listed in Table of Contents

Tables, Figures, Et cetera

  • When more than one Table, Figure, Appendix, etc. exists, separate lists are in Front Matter
  • Tables and Figures in Appendices are included in List of Tables, List of Figures, etc.
  • Tables, Figures, Appendices, etc. are uniquely and sequentially numbered in the lists
  • Lists include (Table, Figure, Appendix, etc.) number, legend/description, and page number


  • There are no blank nor missing pages
  • Format should be consistent
  • Footnotes (if included) and Bibliography/References section(s) are in the format preferred by discipline

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