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Scheduling Guidelines

Due to its historic relevance and architectural splendor, the Rackham Building is the preferred location for many events held on the U-M campus. The Rackham Facilities Office is committed to providing a safe, clean, well-functioning environment for all users of this magnificent venue. The following guidelines are designed to facilitate the fair allocation, efficient use, and uniform and consistent management of facilities within the Rackham Building.

The following guidelines apply to scheduling all facilities in the Rackham Building with the exception of the first floor Lecture Hall/Auditorium.

Rackham Auditorium

Rackham Auditorium is managed by University Productions. Please contact the University Productions Facilities Office at (734) 647-3327 or for inquiries regarding use of the Lecture Hall/Auditorium.)

Who May Schedule Events in the Rackham Building?

  • University of Michigan student organizations
  • University of Michigan units
    • Programs
    • Departments
    • Schools
    • Colleges
    • Administrative offices
  • Non-University of Michigan organizations
  • Current University of Michigan faculty, staff and Rackham graduate students

How to Schedule Events in the Rackham Building?

Space reservations may be requested through our website or by contacting the Rackham Facilities Office by phone at (734) 764-8572 or e-mail at Voicemail and e-mail messages do not guarantee a reservation.

Events are scheduled in the order in which requests are received with consideration given to the size of the group, type of program, and space available.

Please provide the following information to reserve space in the Rackham Building. Due to high demand, the Facilities Office regrets that it is unable to reserve space without complete information at the time of reservation.

  • Title of event
  • Department, student organization, or organization’s name
  • Type of event
  • Contact person’s name, phone number and e-mail address
  • Date(s)
  • Rooms(s) requested
  • Advertised event start time for each date (The Facilities Office will build in set up time.)
  • Estimated event ending time for each date (The Facilities Office will build in clear out time.)
  • ShortCode (For student organizations, this number starts with a 9.)
  • Number of attendees expected?
  • Will there be live music or a theatrical performance?
  • Is the topic or speaker controversial? (e.g., has the topic or speaker drawn protestors or media coverage elsewhere? This does not prohibit booking but may require additional security.)
  • Will refreshments be served?
  • Will meals be served?

University units and student organizations must use a ShortCode to pay Room Use Fees.

Non-University organizations and University faculty, staff and Rackham graduate students hosting social events are required to pre-pay Room Use Fees by check or money order. Payment must be submitted with the signed contract. Please make checks payable to the University of Michigan.

All groups are asked to provide the name of the group’s designated contact person. To ensure the best service possible and reduce opportunities for miscommunication, the Facilities Office will work directly with the designated contact person as the sole person authorized to make changes to reservations or provide information to the Facilities Office.

If space is available for the date and time requested, the requesting group will receive an e-mail Confirmation of Reservation. The Confirmation is a contract. Please double-check it for accuracy, sign and return it to the Facilities Office within three business days. Signed forms may be faxed to the Facilities Office at (734) 763-6622 or e-mailed to Failure to return the contract on time may result in loss of the reservation. Once the contract is signed and returned, any changes will depend upon the availability of space. Please keep a copy of the Confirmation of Reservation.

A room may be placed on hold for two weeks. Groups requesting a two-week hold on a room will receive an e-mail listing the space as “on hold.” Due to high demand for space in the Rackham Building, it is not possible to hold space for more than two weeks. Holds will be released after two weeks if not confirmed. If a room "on hold" is requested by another group for the same date, the Facilities Office will contact the group holding the room to either confirm the reservation or release the room within 48 hours.

Once a group with rooms on a two-week hold finalizes their event plans, they should contact the Facilities Office immediately to confirm the dates and rooms needed and release any outstanding holds. Once a hold is confirmed, the group will receive a Confirmation of Reservation to sign and return to the Facilities Office as described above.

Reservations are not final until a signed Confirmation of Reservation has been received by the Rackham Facilities Office.

Groups may use only the space reserved and for the purpose and time reserved as indicated on the Confirmation of Reservation. The Facilities Office may assign and, if necessary, reassign facilities to assure the maximum and most appropriate use of Rackham Building facilities. Groups will be notified of any necessary changes immediately. In the event of changes made within 24 hours of an event, the Facilities Office will post signs in the Rackham lobby, outside the originally scheduled room and other relevant locations to notify those attending or involved with the event of the change of location.

Groups may access a reserved room prior to the scheduled event start time to set up and after the scheduled event ending time to clear out event materials. If more time is needed, please contact the Facilities Office at The room will be set up with tables and chairs as requested on the room set up form according to the following times:


30 minutes prior, 30 minutes after

Assembly Hall

60 minutes prior, 60 minutes after

East and West Conference Rooms

60 minutes prior, 60 minutes after

Earl Lewis Room

30 minutes prior, 30 minutes after


Same as scheduled event room

The 4th floor terrace is available for scheduling. Due to proximity of the terraces to the event rooms, use of the terrace requires also reserving the Assembly Hall and both the East and West Conference rooms. Appropriate Room Use Fees will apply for all rooms, but there is no extra charge for use of the terrace.

Room Characteristics and Capacities

Room capacities are posted online and are in accordance with State of Michigan Fire Codes and are approved by the University Fire Marshal.

Room Use Rates

The following categories are used to determine Room Use Rates for Rackham Building facilities:

  • Student organizations registered with the Central Student Government
  • University units
  • Non-University organizations, current faculty, staff and Rackham students (for private events)

Room use rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Additional Charges

Overtime custodial charges apply to weekend events held in the Rackham Building. The Building Services prevailing wage (approximately $44/hour as of July 2015) will apply.

Special Event Types

Oral Dissertation Defense

Graduate students may reserve specific facilities in the Rackham Building for Oral Dissertation Defenses free of charge. If a committee member is calling in, a portable speaker phone is available for conference calls. Phone charges are the responsibility of the student. Please contact the Rackham Facilities Office for information regarding long distance calls.

Private Social Event

Current U-M faculty, staff, and Rackham graduate students may reserve facilities in the Rackham Building for private social events such as birthday and anniversary parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, baby and wedding showers, and wedding rehearsal dinners.

Student Organization

In addition to the general scheduling policies outlined above, the following policies apply to student organizations.

To reserve facilities in the Rackham Building, a student organization must register first with the Central Student Government. Organizations can register online through the Central Student Government website and must provide the Facilities Office with a ShortCode issued by the Student Organizations Accounting Service (SOAS) starting with the number 9 to reserve space. Because the Facilities Office is unable to process reservations without the ShortCode, no student organization can schedule Rackham facilities prior to registration with the SOAS.

Events held by undergraduate groups will be limited to banquets and academic events, such as seminars, conferences, symposia, and lectures. Only graduate student groups may hold social events.

University-Credit Class

Only Rackham-sponsored University-credit classes may be held in the Rackham Building. Because there is a limit on the number of classroom hours that can be scheduled in the building, preference is given to Rackham interdisciplinary courses.


All events must be canceled by the designated contact person listed on the Confirmation of Reservation.

All groups or event sponsors will be assessed the appropriate Room Use Fee for each room reserved (even if the scheduled room is not used) if the group fails to cancel a room reservation at least:

Amphitheatre and/or Assembly Hall

45 days prior to the scheduled event

All Other Rooms

14 days prior to the scheduled event

Failure to cancel a reservation more than once in an academic year may result in loss of the privilege of using Rackham Building facilities for up to one year. Groups will be responsible for charges incurred by the Rackham Graduate School due to an event cancellation.

Contact Information

Rackham Facilities Office
0510 Rackham Building
915 E. Washington Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1070
Phone: (734) 764-8572
Fax: (734) 763-6622

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