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Dean's Office

The Dean's Office works together with faculty, staff, and students from around the campus and with other University offices to develop initiatives, define policies, and uphold the mission of the University through graduate education.


Michael J. Solomon

Dean Michael J. Solomon

Associate Dean Valeria Bertacco

Associate Dean Valeria Bertacco

Rackham Chief of Staff

The Rackham Chief of Staff collaborates with the Dean on the overall organization and management of the Rackham Graduate School, including strategic planning and execution, resource management and program development. The Chief of Staff contributes to the development and implementation of School policies and procedures, assesses the strategic and financial implications of new initiatives and activities, and works with staff and School leadership to build a collaborative and positive work environment.

Administrative Staff

Faculty Awards

Administers awards programs including the Distinguished Faculty Achievement Awards, Distinguished University Professorships, and more.


Rackham Board of Governors

The Rackham Board of Governors was established according to the terms of the Rackham bequest, which was accepted by the Board of Regents in September 1935. The bequest calls for the continued existence of this body. The President of the University serves as Chair of the Board and the Rackham Dean serves as Secretary. The three other members serve six-year terms. The Board itself approves the appointment of new members as vacancies arise.

Rackham Executive Board

The Rackham Executive Board is composed of elected faculty representatives who provide advice to the Dean regarding the operations of the Graduate School. The Executive Board’s responsibilities include oversight and authorization of academic policy and proposals for new degree and certificate programs, and decisions of Rackham faculty panels for student fellowships and awards.

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