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Fellowship Factors to Consider


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Before Accepting Fellowships

  • Do you completely understand what it is you will be receiving?
  • Does it provide a living stipend?
  • Does it cover tuition?
  • Does it require someone else to pay your tuition?
  • What are the stipulations to accept it?
  • Will accepting it impact other funds you have already received?

Supplemental Funds

  • Are there funds available for extras such as travel, conferences, and research expenses from your fellowship?
  • Is it possible to accept other supplemental funds from outside sources?

Working Stipulations

  • Are you required to work for your fellowship?
  • Are you able to accept employment while on the fellowship?
  • Would working help or hinder your progress and skills?
  • Is there a limit (hours per week or dollar amounts) that you can accept while on the fellowship?

Combining Awards

  • Is it possible to accept more than one at a time?
  • Is there a limit?
  • What about the timing of various grants?
  • Can you defer or overlap fellowships?


Does it come with health and/or dental insurance or other benefits?

After Accepting Fellowships

Your Funding Source

  • Be sure they know how to contact you.
  • Have you registered correctly in order for the fellowship to be released?
  • Have you set up a direct deposit through the Payroll Office?
  • Are you sure how the funds can be used?
  • Is it a stipend and/or tuition?
  • Will it be applied directly?
  • Does it need to be renewed each year or term?

Graduate Coordinator or Student Services Assistant

If your fellowship is handled through your department this person will most likely be your greatest source of information.

Financial Aid Office

Some sponsored fellowships are distributed through the Office of Financial Aid. If you have applied for loans, your fellowship will affect them.

Health and Dental Insurance and Other Benefits

  • If your fellowship comes with health insurance, please be aware that it is not automatic.
  • You will either need to have your funding source sign you up as a re-enrollee or you will need to fill out an application if you have not had it in the past. You will need to make benefit selections.
  • Depending on your selections there may be a cost to you.

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