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Information for Programs

Resources including graduate coordinator training and support, the Graduate Chair Handbook, new program proposal guidelines and other policies, as well as information for effective recruitment and the academic and personal success of students.

Practices to Facilitate Academic Success

This resource provides a central location for sharing good ideas that contribute to the academic success of graduate students.

Resources for Dissertation Committees

Guidelines and forms for establishing the dissertation committee.

Resources for Graduate Coordinators

The Graduate Coordinators Forum is a University-wide network for staff who administer Rackham programs to share information and best practices, and to help devise common solutions that contribute to the more effective and efficient operations of these programs.

Resources for Directors of Graduate Programs

The Graduate School provides resources and information to directors of graduate programs to help them successfully manage the procedures, policies and schedules throughout the academic year, and to problem-solve and guide students to their degrees.

Resources for Recruiters

The Graduate School provides resources and information to recruiters of graduate students to help them increase the pool of outstanding graduate students interested in their programs.

Last updated: June 16, 2017 - 6:38pm