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Exit Survey of Doctoral Recipients

All students who have completed their doctoral requirements are invited to take Rackham’s Doctoral Exit Survey. The survey provides the opportunity to share your observations on such things as mentoring, the curriculum, the dissertation process, and professional development.

Rackham has collected information from degree completers using the Doctoral Exit Survey for more than 20 years. These data have proven useful in our continuing efforts to improve our doctoral programs and the doctoral experience. Your responses not only help us in our assessment of programs but also help us identify some of the successes and challenges you and other doctoral students have faced. Your participation is crucial to sustaining these efforts.

Take the Doctoral Exit Survey

If you have any questions about the Exit Survey of Doctoral Recipients, please contact John Gonzalez, Director of Rackham Institutional Research Office, at (734) 764-8221 or email

Last updated: April 4, 2018 - 1:19pm