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Recruitment of Diverse Graduate Students

For information about student recruitment strategies and Rackham’s full range of resources to support your recruiting efforts, contact Rackham’s office of Recruitment and Graduate Student Engagement at (734) 647-4013 or For faculty seeking advice and assistance, contact the Rackham Associate Dean for your program at (734) 764-4400.

Promising Practices

Rackham deans and staff provide advice about how to improve recruitment, and resources to support your efforts. For example, Rackham helps faculty and staff use data from national organizations such as the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program, the National Name Exchange and GEM. There are Quick Tips guides for promising practices in recruitment strategies and other resources that can help to identify and reach out to potential applicants. Rackham provides up to $2500 in grant funding to support recruitment efforts.

Identify and Recruit Students

The Rackham Graduate School partners in activities to identify and recruit highly qualified students. Our subscription to GRE Search Service provides access to information about all who have taken the GRE.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP)

Rackham’s Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) offers outstanding undergraduates underrepresented in their field of study the opportunity to conduct research on our campus during the summer, and we also work with a number of similar summer research programs at U-M.

The Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program (MICHHERS)

The Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Program (MICHHERS) was launched in 2015 to increase opportunities for students interested in pursuing doctoral degrees in the humanities. Rackham provides fee waivers to participants in a range of national organizations and fellowships that encourage a diverse student population.

Transitioning to Graduate School

The Rackham Graduate School provides support and information to students and programs to help ensure a successful transition to graduate school, and success along the way to degree completion.

Bouchet Graduate Honor Society

The Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society (Bouchet Society) recognizes outstanding scholarly achievement and promotes diversity and excellence in doctoral education and the professoriate. The Bouchet Society is a network of preeminent scholars who exemplify academic and personal excellence, foster environments of support and serve as examples of scholarship, leadership, character, service and advocacy for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the academy. In the spirit of Bouchet's commitment to these ideals, inductees into the honor society must demonstrate significant achievement in these five areas.

Graduate Rackham International (GRIN)

Graduate Rackham International (GRIN) is a student-run organization that aims to provide support for all international graduate students at the University of Michigan. Their goal is to establish a diverse and inclusive community, while providing international students with tools to grow professionally and personally. Avenues to achieve this vision include mentorship programs, social, and professional events.

Michigan Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP)

The NSF-funded Michigan Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) programs support efforts to support the academic and professional development of diverse students in the natural/physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and engineering, especially those from historically underrepresented backgrounds in those fields. Once enrolled at U-M, eligible students can take part in many activities sponsored by AGEP.

RMF Connection

The Rackham Merit Fellowship (RMF) Connection is a program designed for newly admitted doctoral students who are recipients of a Rackham Merit Fellowship (RMF). This includes Rackham Engineering Awards (REA), Rackham Science Awards (RSA), and Rackham Merit Fellowship students in Education and Psychology.

Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR)

Students of Color of Rackham (SCOR) is a student organization that provides a network for Rackham graduate and professional students at the University of Michigan. SCOR is dedicated to the social, cultural, and academic well-being of students of color of African, Asian, Latino, and Native American descent, and also welcomes students of other cultures, ethnicities, and international origins.

Rackham shares data with faculty on student performance to help programs identify and analyze areas for improvement and to address obstacles that may impede student success.