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Faculty Allies for Diversity in Graduate Education

In partnership with the Rackham Graduate School, each Ph.D. program is asked to identify at least one faculty member agreeing to serve as a part of the Faculty Allies for Diversity in Graduate Education. The Faculty Allies for Diversity is a group of faculty members who work within their programs in collaboration with Rackham's diversity initiatives on recruitment, admissions, climate, retention, and completion issues. Thus, the Faculty Allies play important leadership roles in their programs and, as a collective, move forward our broader university mission around promoting diversity and excellence.

A primary goal is for Faculty Allies to work collaboratively with their department leadership and other colleagues to identify the diversity issues relevant in their programs and to plan action steps to address them. Another related goal is for Faculty Allies to serve as one of the "go to" persons on diversity issues in graduate education in their programs, including serving as a resource to their program’s graduate students. That said, while the Ally is an important point-person within her/his department, it is not the intent that the Ally should be solely responsible for “doing all of the diversity” within her/his program. The responsibility for enhancing diversity should be held by all program and university members. But, Allies play critical roles as support and coordinating forces – for instance, they can raise awareness, as well as support planning and connecting of diversity activities in their programs.

As the diversity issues and concerns in programs may vary, so do the activities best suited to address them in each Ally’s program. Thus, there is no one set of specific standing responsibilities for all Allies. However, there are a few opportunities that Rackham offers all of the Faculty Allies to help support their respective work:

  • Invitations to meetings and events on campus related to diversity issues, including Ally sharing of useful and effective practices
  • Faculty Allies newsletters on current and topical issues
  • Invitation to attend Rackham Program Review meetings for their programs
  • Eligibility to apply for special grant money (only open to Faculty Allies as one of Principal Investigators)

Finally, while much of Allies’ efforts/activities occur within their program communities, another goal is that Faculty Allies will function as a leadership group and learning community, connecting with and drawing on one another for information, ideas and strategies, and support. The names and affiliations of the Faculty Allies for Diversity are listed below.

To learn more about the Faculty Allies program, including becoming an Ally or nominating an Ally for your program, please contact

Directory of Faculty Allies
Program First Name Last Name E-mail
Art and
Asian Languages and
Astronomy and
Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space SciencesMary
Cellular and Molecular Biology and
Civil and Environmental
Combined Program in Education and
Combined Program in Education and
Computer Science and
Computer Science and
Earth and Environmental
Ecology and Evolutionary
Educational StudiesCarlaO'
Environmental Health
Germanic Languages and
Health Behavior and Health
Health Management and
History of
Industrial and Operations
Information, School
Kinesiology, School
Kinesiology, School
Literature,Science, and the Arts, College
Macromolecular Science and EngineeringMarkBanaszak
Materials Science and
Medical Scientist Training
Microbiology &
Molecular & Integrative
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental
Music, Theatre and Dance, School
Natural Resources and Environment, School
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological
Nursing, School
Nursing, School
Political SciencePaulineJones
Program in Biomedical
Public Policy, School
Romance Languages and
Screen Arts and
Slavic Languages and
Social Work and Social
Urban and Regional
Urban and Regional