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The Communications Team uses a variety of media to share information, resources, and opportunities with graduate students, graduate programs, campus partners, advising faculty, and applicants. We advocate for best practices in web, social media, and other digital tools to engage the Rackham community and highlight the graduate student experience. Contact us for media requests and other communications inquiries.

Communications Team

  • Matthew Nelson, Communications Director
  • Kayla Capper, Communications Specialist
  • Lizzie Kassab, Photographer
  • Erin Norris, Web Designer
  • Elyse Rubin, Editor
  • Marc Williams, Web Designer

Brand Guidelines

The school is referred to as the Rackham Graduate School. The complete name, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies, should only be used for the most formal references.

The Rackham signature (logo) is used to identify events, projects, and programs sponsored or co-sponsored by Rackham. Individuals who receive funding for their projects should spell out “Rackham Graduate School” in plain text when mentioning Rackham’s support. Unauthorized use of the Rackham signature is prohibited. See University of Michigan brand guidelines.

Submissions and Consent Forms


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