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Graduate Students with Children

Graduate students with children constitute a vibrant part of our learning community at the University of Michigan. Rackham believes in supporting graduate students with children both academically and socially. Because each parent has distinct needs, Rackham has designed a variety of programs and events, from childcare information and parenting resources to support groups and social events. Abundant resources exist for parents in the Ann Arbor area; however, finding them can be a daunting task. Rackham Graduate School provides information to help parents quickly transition into life at the University of Michigan and in Ann Arbor. We also offer a downloadable guide to Resources for Graduate Student Parents.

Events and Workshops

Each semester, Rackham provides events for students with children.

Join Our E-mail List!

If you would like to be added to Rackham's Graduate Students with Children e-mail group to receive information about upcoming events and programs please e-mail Graduate Student Success.

Useful Links

Resources for child care, education, health, culture, and recreation.