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Master’s and Certificate Information

How to Apply For Graduation

Apply for graduation through Wolverine Access. If the exact degree/diploma you wish to apply for does not appear on Wolverine Access, you must contact your department/program and have the program added before you can apply.

Students who have applied for degree by the application deadline date will have their names printed in the commencement program. Applications for graduation will be accepted until the last day of classes of the term in which the student wishes to receive their degree/diploma; however, those students' names will not appear in the commencement program.

Deadline Information

Those students who complete all degree requirements, former term incompletes, and have approved transfers of credit by the last working day prior to commencement day will have their names on the final degree list for the given term. A transcript showing the degree and date, and a University diploma will be mailed to you by the Diploma Office two to three months after conferral. All applicants who have not qualified for the degree requested are informed in writing by their OARD Evaluator. It is the student's responsibility to see that all requirements are met and recorded. If you have questions about your academic requirements please contact your department.

Transfer of Credit

Any transfer of credit to your academic record must be completed by the last day of classes in the term you have applied for degree/diploma. Since transferring credit takes time, see your Graduate Program Staff or your OARD Evaluator for further information. The Student Handbook outlines policies regarding transferring credits.

Grade Reporting

Students currently enrolled should inform their instructors that you expect to graduate in a given term so that late grade reporting is avoided. This is especially important if electing Law School courses.

Student Accounts

All student financial accounts with the University must be cleared before the diploma and transcript can be released. For further information contact Student Accounts, 2226 SAB, 764-7447.

Commencement Information

Eligibility questions should be directed to the student services office of the school or college in which you are enrolled. More information can be found at the Graduate’s Guide to Commencement at the University of Michigan