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Dissertation Resources


Center for Statistical Consultation and Research

CSCAR offers the following services: Proposal Presentation and Study Design, Dataset Consulting, Choice of Statistical Methods, Use of Statistical Software, Interpretation of Results, Presentation of Results, Collaborative Research, Workshops, Remote Consulting, Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Sweetland Center for Writing

The Sweetland Writing Center offers free, individual writing conferences for graduate students who are working on course papers, conference presentations,dissertations, grant proposals, resumes, and other writing for academic or employment purposes.

English Language Institute

The university-wide mission of the ELI is to provide a variety of credit courses in English for academic purposes for non-native speakers enrolled at the University of Michigan and to carry out relevant research.

Completing the Doctoral Degree Requirements

Information on Pre- and Post-Defense Meetings (formally called format checks).

Doctoral Deadlines

Deadlines and grace periods for doctoral degrees.

Formatting Dissertations Using Microsoft Word

Scholarspace offers a guide on the tools available in Word 2010 and 2013 that can help you format your dissertation.


Formerly known as UMI and Bell & Howell Information & Learning. They publish virtually all dissertations in Northern America.

Intellectual Property

The ProQuest Digital Dissertations Database

Search citations and abstracts of dissertations and theses submitted by your institution and published in ProQuest's Digital Dissertations database.



Your campus gateway to the knowledge resources of the library and the world... everything from print-based collections to global technology networks. Scholarspace offers skilled staff to lead you through the many dimensions of information technology from exploring the WWW to creating multimedia tools for teaching and learning.

University Library Digital Dissertation Workshop Series

The Digital Dissertation Series is a series of workshops open to all graduate students at the University of Michigan. The focus is on technology and tools to improve your research and course experience.

University of Michigan Library

The gateway to the University of Michigan Library system.

U-M Research Information

This is a link to the University of Michigan's research site. Listed here are resources for assistance with finding funding and navigating through the research portion of the dissertation process.