Movement Science Courses

It is possible for Rackham students, with the approval of their departments, to apply non-Rackham course credits toward Rackham degree requirements, usually as cognates. They may do so by completing courses offered by non-Rackham graduate or professional programs. For courses to be included on the following list, they must meet the academic standards outlined in Rackham's, "Guidelines for Graduate Course Approval," and be taught by either a regular member of the faculty or an instructor whose credentials qualify them to teach at the graduate level.

Some of the courses on the following list are offered by Rackham programs but are not applicable toward their own graduate degree requirements. These courses are considered by the Rackham home department to be graduate level work only for students in other departments--because they expect their own students to have mastered the course material previously (e.g., as undergraduates). Please note that graduate credit will not be granted simply on the argument that some graduate students wish or need to know the material.

Once Rackham has accepted the course, the Office of the Registrar will designate Rackham credit for the course in the University database. If not accepted by Rackham, the course will appear on a Rackham student's transcript as NCTP (not for credit toward program).

Inclusion on the following list does not guarantee that the student's department will count the credits toward the student's degree requirements. Therefore, students intending to take any non-Rackham course must always check with an advisor and the department before enrolling.

Courses for Movement Science
Movement Science (Subject Code: MOVESCI)
413/KINESLGY 413/AT 413.  SpecialTopics MVS AT.  (1 to 4 credits)
421/KINESLGY 421.  Disord Vol Move.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 320  (3 credits)
422/KINESLGY 422.  Motor Learning.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 320  (3 credits)
423/KINESLGY 423.  Sensorimot Dev.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 320  (3 credits)
424/KINESLGY 424.  Aging&Motor Perfmnc.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 320  (3 credits)
425/HF 425/KINESLGY 425.  PA & Ped Disability.  Required pre-requisite: Kinesiology Junior or Senior only  (3 credits)
427/KINESLGY 427.  Expertise.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 320  (3 credits)
429/KINESLGY 429.  Lab Mtr Cnt Dev.  Advisory pre-requisite: MOVESCI core and permission of instructor  (1 to 3 credits)
431/KINESLGY 431.  Clinical Gait.  (3 credits)
433/KINESLGY 433.  HMA:Func Ability.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 330  (3 credits)
435/KINESLGY 435.  Biomech Hum Locomot.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 330  (3 credits)
437/KINESLGY 437.  MotnCap Anim Biomech.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 330  (3 credits)
438/KINESLGY 438/KINESLGY 438.  Musculoskeletal Imag.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 230  (3 credits)
438/KINESLGY 438/KINESLGY 438.  Musculoskeletal Imag.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 230  Advisory pre-requisite: MOVESCI 330  (3 credits)
439/KINESLGY 439.  Lab Biomechanic.  Advisory pre-requisite: MOVESCI core and permission of instructor  (1 to 3 credits)
441/KINESLGY 441.  Environ Exer Phys.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)
442/KINESLGY 442.  Exer Endocrinology.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)
443/KINESLGY 443.  Exrcse&Succ Aging.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)
444/KINESLGY 542.  Exercise&Nutrition.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)
445/KINESLGY 445.  Hum Mvt&Aging.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)
446/HF 446/KINESLGY 446.  Soc Factors Phys Act.  Required pre-requisite: (MOVESCI 219 or SM 217) and (MOVESCI 340 or PHYSED/HF 242)  (3 credits)
448/KINESLGY 448.  CV Ex Phys.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340; (C+ or better)  Advisory pre-requisite: MOVESCI 250  (3 credits)
449/KINESLGY 449.  Lab Exer Phys.  Advisory pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340, permission of instructor  (1 to 3 credits)
450/KINESLGY 450.  Sem Adapted Phys Act.  (3 credits)
453/KINESLGY 453.  Sport Concussion.  (2 credits)
458/KINESLGY 452.  Exp w/Wearable Tech.  (3 credits)
471/KINESLGY 471.  Phys Activity Epid.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)
474/KINESLGY 474.  Worksite Wellness.  Required pre-requisite: MOVESCI 340  (3 credits)