Manufacturing Courses

It is possible for Rackham students, with the approval of their departments, to apply non-Rackham course credits toward Rackham degree requirements, usually as cognates. They may do so by completing courses offered by non-Rackham graduate or professional programs. For courses to be included on the following list, they must meet the academic standards outlined in Rackham's, "Guidelines for Graduate Course Approval," and be taught by either a regular member of the faculty or an instructor whose credentials qualify them to teach at the graduate level.

Some of the courses on the following list are offered by Rackham programs but are not applicable toward their own graduate degree requirements. These courses are considered by the Rackham home department to be graduate level work only for students in other departments--because they expect their own students to have mastered the course material previously (e.g., as undergraduates). Please note that graduate credit will not be granted simply on the argument that some graduate students wish or need to know the material.

Once Rackham has accepted the course, the Office of the Registrar will designate Rackham credit for the course in the University database. If not accepted by Rackham, the course will appear on a Rackham student's transcript as NCTP (not for credit toward program).

Inclusion on the following list does not guarantee that the student's department will count the credits toward the student's degree requirements. Therefore, students intending to take any non-Rackham course must always check with an advisor and the department before enrolling.

Courses for Manufacturing
Manufacturing (Subject Code: MFG)
402/MECHENG 401.  Stat Quality Control.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing.  (3 credits)
410/NAVARCH 410.  Marine Str II.  Advisory pre-requisite: NAVARCH 310  (4 credits)
426/IOE 425.  Lean Mfg&Services.  Required pre-requisite: Senior or Above  (2 credits)
440/IOE 440.  Operations Anlys&Mgt.  Required pre-requisite: IOE 310 and 316; (C- or better), or Graduate Standing  (3 credits)
441/IOE 441.  Prod&Inv Contrl.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 310 and IOE 366; (C- or better)] or Graduate  Advisory pre-requisite: (Enforced)= IOE 310 and 366; C- or better or graduate standing  (3 credits)
447/IOE 447.  Facility Planning.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 310 and IOE 316; (C- or better)] or Graduate  Advisory pre-requisite: (Enforced)= IOE 310 and 316; C- or better or graduate standing  (3 credits)
449/IOE 449.  Matl Handling Sys.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 310 and IOE 316; (C- or better)] or Graduate  (3 credits)
452/MECHENG 452.  Design for Mfg.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 350.  (3 credits)
453/MECHENG 451.  Prop Adv Mat.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 382.  (3 credits)
455/IOE 452.  Corporate Finance.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 201 and 310 and 366; (C- or better)] or Graduate  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 201 and 310 and 366.  (3 credits)
456/IOE 453.  Derivative Instrumts.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 201 and 316 and 366; (C- or better)] or Graduate  (3 credits)
458/MATSCIE 485.  Design Problems.  Required pre-requisite: [MATSCIE 480 or MFG 480 (C- or better)] or Graduate  (1 to 4 credits)
461/IOE 461.  Quality Engin Prin.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 366; (C- or better)] or Graduate  Advisory pre-requisite: (Enforced)= IOE 366; C- or better or graduate standing  (3 credits)
462/NAVARCH 461.  MarStructureConst.  Advisory pre-requisite: NAVARCH 260 and 310  (3 credits)
463/IOE 463.  Measure&Des of Work.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 333 and 334 and 366; (C- or better)] or Graduate  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 333 or MECHENG 395 or BIOMEDE 231 and IOE 265 or STATS 412  (3 credits)
466/IOE 466.  Stat Quality Control.  Required pre-requisite: [IOE 366 or STATS 401; (C- or better)] or Graduate  (3 credits)
470/NAVARCH 470.  Fnd Ship Design.  Advisory pre-requisite: NA 321, 332, 340; corequisite NAVARCH 310  (4 credits)
480/MATSCIE 480.  Matls Engr Design.  Required pre-requisite: Senior or Above  (3 credits)
488/MECHENG 487.  Welding.  Advisory pre-requisite: MECHENG 382  (3 credits)
489/MATSCIE 489.  Matls Proc Design.  Required pre-requisite: [MATSCIE 330 and 335; (C- or better)] and Senior  Advisory pre-requisite: MSE 330; MSE 335  (3 credits)
492/MECHENG 482.  Mach Proc.  Advisory pre-requisite: ME 382  (3 credits)
501.  Topics Global Opns.  Advisory pre-requisite: Restricted to Tauber Institute Students  (1.5 credits)
502.  MFG System Design.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
503.  Mfg Project.  Advisory pre-requisite: MFG 502 PIM  (3 credits)
504.  Tauber Inst Project.  Advisory pre-requisite: Must be enrolled in Tauber Institute Program and MFG 501  (3 credits)
513/AUTO 513/MECHENG 513.  Autobody Structures.  Advisory pre-requisite: MECHENG 311  (3 credits)
514/MACROMOL 514/MATSCIE 514.  Comp Matrls.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATSCIE 350 or equivalent, or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
515/NAVARCH 514.  Fatigue of Structure.  (3 credits)
517/CHE 517.  Biochemical Eng.  Advisory pre-requisite: CHE. 344, BIOLCHEM 415 or equivalent; permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
518/MECHENG 518.  Mfg & Design.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing.  (3 credits)
534/BIOMEDE 534/IOE 534.  Occup Biomec.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 333 and 334 or IOE 433/Envir. Health 556.  (3 credits)
535/IOE 533.  Hum Moto Beh Eng Sy.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 365 and 333 or EIH 556.  (3 credits)
536/CEE 536.  Crit Path Meth.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing.  (3 credits)
539/IOE 539.  Safety Engin Methods.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 265 or BIOSTAT 503  (3 credits)
541/IOE 541.  Inv Anly&Cntrl.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 310 and 316.  (3 credits)
543/IOE 543.  Scheduling.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 316 and 310.  (3 credits)
545/IOE 545.  Queue Networks.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 315 or EECS 501.  (3 credits)
547/IOE 547.  Supply Chain Fac.  Required pre-requisite: IOE 265 and 310; (C- or better); or graduate standing  (3 credits)
549/IOE 549.  Plant Flow Systems.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 310 and 416.  (3 credits)
552/MECHENG 552.  Mechatronic Sys Des.  Advisory pre-requisite: MECHENG 350, 360, EECS 314, or equivalent  (4 credits)
553/MECHENG 553.  Microele Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior/Grad Standing.  (3 credits)
554/MECHENG 554.  Comp Aid Des.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 454/Manufact. 454 or Mech. Eng. 501.  (3 credits)
555/MECHENG 555.  Design Optim.  Advisory pre-requisite: Math 451 and Math 217 or Equivalent.  (3 credits)
556/MECHENG 576.  Fatigue Mech Des.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 382 or equivalent  (3 credits)
557/MECHENG 577.  Materials in Design.  (3 credits)
558/MECHENG 558.  Disc Des Opt.  Advisory pre-requisite: Senior or graduate standing.  (3 credits)
559/MECHENG 559.  Smart Matrls.  Advisory pre-requisite: EECS 215 or equivalent  (3 credits)
560/MECHENG 551.  Mech Design.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 350.  (3 credits)
561/IOE 565.  Time Ser Anlys.  Advisory pre-requisite: IOE 366 or MECHENG 401  (3 credits)
562/MECHENG 560.  Model Dyn Sy.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 360.  (3 credits)
563/NAVARCH 562.  Marine Sys Productn.  Required pre-requisite: [NAVARCH 260; (C- or better)] or Graduate  (4 credits)
564/EECS 569.  Prod Syst Eng.  (3 credits)
567/EECS 567/MECHENG 567.  Robot Kinemat Dynam.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing or permission of instructor  (3 credits)
569/IOE 566.  Adv Quality Control.  Advisory pre-requisite: I&OE 466  (3 credits)
571/NAVARCH 571.  Ship Des Proj.  Advisory pre-requisite: Prior arrangement with instructor.  (1 to 16 credits)
572/NAVARCH 570.  Adv Marine Design.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate Standing.  (4 credits)
573/NAVARCH 561.  Mar Prod Mod.  Advisory pre-requisite: Nav. Arch. 570.  (3 credits)
574/MECHENG 581.  GPD.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing  (3 credits)
575/NAVARCH 575.  Marine CAD Project.  (2 to 6 credits)
577/MATSCIE 577.  Failure Analys.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mat. Sci. Eng. 350.  (3 credits)
578/NAVARCH 580.  Opt,Mgt Marine Syst.  (4 credits)
579/NAVARCH 582.  Reliab Risk Safe Sys.  Advisory pre-requisite: EECS 401 or MATH 425 or STATS 412.  (3 credits)
580/MECHENG 572.  Rheology & Fracture.  Advisory pre-requisite: ME 382  (3 credits)
581/MECHENG 573.  Friction & Wear.  Advisory pre-requisite: Background in materials and mechanics desirable.  (3 credits)
584/MECHENG 584.  Adv Mechantronic Mfg.  Advisory pre-requisite: MECHENG 461 or equivalent  (3 credits)
585/MECHENG 585.  Mach Dyn&Mech.  Advisory pre-requisite: Graduate standing.  (3 credits)
587/MECHENG 587.  Global Mfg.  Advisory pre-requisite: One 400-level MFG or DES or BUS course  (3 credits)
588/IOE 588/MECHENG 588.  Assembly Modeling.  Advisory pre-requisite: Mech. Eng. 381 and 401 or equivalent  (3 credits)
591/MECHENG 586.  Laser Mat Process.  Advisory pre-requisite: senior or graduate standing  (3 credits)
599.  Spec Topics in Mfg.  Advisory pre-requisite: See Individual Dept. Requirements.  (1 to 4 credits)
605/TO 605.  Mfg&Supply Ops.  (1.5 to 3 credits)
617/CHE 617.  Adv Biochm Tech.  Advisory pre-requisite: Chem. Eng. 417 or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
622/MATSCIE 622/NERS 622.  Ion Beam Mod.  Advisory pre-requisite: NERS 421/521 or MSE 350 or permission of instructor.  (3 credits)
990.  Dissertat Pre-Cand.  Advisory pre-requisite: Permission of Thesis Committee.  (2 to 8 credits)
995.  Dissertation-Cand.  Required pre-requisite: Candidate  (4 or 8 credits)