Environment, Program in the Courses

It is possible for Rackham students, with the approval of their departments, to apply non-Rackham course credits toward Rackham degree requirements, usually as cognates. They may do so by completing courses offered by non-Rackham graduate or professional programs. For courses to be included on the following list, they must meet the academic standards outlined in Rackham's, "Guidelines for Graduate Course Approval," and be taught by either a regular member of the faculty or an instructor whose credentials qualify them to teach at the graduate level.

Some of the courses on the following list are offered by Rackham programs but are not applicable toward their own graduate degree requirements. These courses are considered by the Rackham home department to be graduate level work only for students in other departments--because they expect their own students to have mastered the course material previously (e.g., as undergraduates). Please note that graduate credit will not be granted simply on the argument that some graduate students wish or need to know the material.

Once Rackham has accepted the course, the Office of the Registrar will designate Rackham credit for the course in the University database. If not accepted by Rackham, the course will appear on a Rackham student's transcript as NCTP (not for credit toward program).

Inclusion on the following list does not guarantee that the student's department will count the credits toward the student's degree requirements. Therefore, students intending to take any non-Rackham course must always check with an advisor and the department before enrolling.

Courses for Environment
Environment (Subject Code: ENVIRON)
400.  Spec Prob&Res-Ugrad.  (1 to 4 credits)
402.  Nature of the Huron.  (3 credits)
403/EARTH 408.  Intro GIS Earth Sci.  Required pre-requisite: [An intro geology or environ sciences course (EARTH 116 or 119 or 120 or 201 or 284)] and [one math course or a statistics course (MATH 115 or 116 or 120 or 121 or 156 or 175 or 176 or 185 or 186 or 295 or 296 or STATS 150 or 180 or 250 or 280)]  Advisory pre-requisite: Although previous GIS experience is not required, students are expected to be familiar with desktop and mobile computing, and to be comfortable with at least one quantitative software program (Matlab, Excel, Mathematica, or R, as examples).  (3 credits)
409/EEB 487/NRE 409.  Ecol of Fishes.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171, 172 and 173.  (3 to 4 credits)
415/EEB 424/NRE 415.  Beh Ecol&Consrv Biol.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171 and completion or concurrent enrollment in either ENVIRON 415 or EEB 424 or NRE 415  (4 credits)
416/EEB 425/NRE 416.  Fld Skls Wildlf Beh.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171 and completion or concurrent enrollment in ENVIRON 415.  (2 credits)
421.  Restoration Ecology.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY/ENVIRON 281 and EEB/ENVIRON 372 OR EEB/ENVIRON 381  (4 credits)
422/EEB 440/NRE 422.  Biol of Fishes.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171, 172 and 173.  (3 credits)
423/EEB 441/NRE 423.  Bio Fish Lab.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171, 172 and 173.  (1 credits)
426/CLIMATE 421/EARTH 421.  Intro Phys Oceanogr.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 115 and 116, and an introductory science course  (3 credits)
430/EEB 489/NRE 430.  Soil Ecology.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171 and 172 and 173, and General Chemistry. Concurrent enrollment in ENVIRON 436/EEB 436 and ENVIRON 435/NRE 435 highly recommended.  (3 credits)
431/EARTH 431.  Terrestrial Biomes.  Required pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 171 or [EARTH 116 or 119 or 120 or (GEOSCI 205 and 206)] or Graduate Standing  (3 credits)
433/EEB 433/NRE 433.  Ornithology.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 171 and (172 or 174) and 173, or BIOLOGY 195 and 173  (4 credits)
436/EEB 436/NRE 436.  Woody Plants.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 162 or 171  (4 credits)
437/EARTH 427.  Appl Mineral.  Advisory pre-requisite: EARTH (GEOSCI) 315 or comparable courses in the solid-state  (3 credits)
442/EARTH 442.  Earth Surface&Soils.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 115 and CHEM 130  (4 credits)
446/EARTH 446.  Paleoclimatology.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 115 and 116 and EARTH 305, or permission of instructor  (4 credits)
449/NRE 449.  Org Theory & Change.  (3 credits)
451/EEB 451/NRE 451.  Biol of Mammals.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 171, (172 or 174) & 173; or BIOLOGY 195 & 173  (4 credits)
453.  Trop Cons&Res Mgmt.  (3 credits)
456/EEB 456.  Great Lakes Coast.  Advisory pre-requisite: BIOLOGY 171 or one introductory biology course and another natural science course  (5 credits)
460/EARTH 460.  Paleobio/Paleoenv.  Advisory pre-requisite: At least two courses from following list: EARTH 305, EARTH 313, EARTH 418  (5 credits)
461/ANTHRBIO 461.  Primate Cons Bio.  Advisory pre-requisite: An introductory course on primates, ecology, or conservation biology is advised. No quantitative or statistical training is required.  (3 credits)
462.  Envir Soc Sci Topics.  Advisory pre-requisite: At least one environmentally related course prior to this class.  (1 to 4 credits)
463.  Envir Nat Sci Topics.  Advisory pre-requisite: At least one environmentally related natural science course prior to this class  (1 to 4 credits)
464.  Topic Culture & Envi.  Advisory pre-requisite: At least one environmentally related course prior to this class  (1 to 4 credits)
465.  Interdis Env Topics.  Advisory pre-requisite: At least one environmentally related course prior to this class  (1 to 4 credits)
467/ENSCEN 467/EARTH 465/CLIMATE 467/CHEM 467.  Biogeochem.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 116, CHEM 210, and PHYSICS 240 (or 260).  (3 credits)
473/ANTHRBIO 463.  Stats Modeling in R.  Advisory pre-requisite: Basic knowledge of statistics (e.g., linear regression). Some prior experience with R is advisable, but not required  (4 credits)
475/EHS 588/NRE 475.  Environ Law.  (3 credits)
476/EEB 476/NRE 476.  Ecosystem Ecology.  Advisory pre-requisite: General Ecology and a 400-level course in Aquatic or Terrestrial Ecology.  (3 credits)
479/EARTH 477.  Hydrogeology.  Advisory pre-requisite: MATH 116; and High school knowledge of PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, and EARTH (GEOSCI) or equivalent.  (4 credits)