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Student Spotlight: I-Uen (Yvonne) Hsu

From Zebrafish to Fruit Flies; From Skeletal Muscles to the Central Nervous System

In 1996, scientists mapped out the STAC (SH3 and cysteine rich domain) family of genes. Since then, their function has been somewhat of a mystery. That is, until around twenty years later when in Dr. John Kuwada’s lab at University of Michigan, a group of researchers including Ph.D. candidate I-Uen (Yvonne) Hsu discovered the STAC3 gene’s purpose and the mechanism underlying it.

Faculty Allies Diversity Grants 2018–19 Awardees

Rackham Graduate School announces the awardees of the 2018–19 Faculty Allies Diversity Grants. These grants are designed to fund activities for current graduate students to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in the areas most relevant to the students in a designated graduate program. The grants are meant to be useful for those seeking seed money to pursue ideas that are new and innovative for their graduate program as related to DEI.

From Apartments to Houses: Preparing to Rent in Ann Arbor as a Graduate Student

Resources and Tips for Moving to Ann Arbor

As a new graduate student, choosing which school you want to attend and accepting their offer is just the first of a series of decisions you need to make. I personally love moving and house/apartment hunting, but most people find it more stressful than fun. Since moving to Ann Arbor, I have navigated both the apartment and rental house markets. From this process, I have learned some tips and found resources that make moving much easier. In this post, I will detail a few pointers you should know before renting in Ann Arbor, as well as my three favorite websites for finding the perfect living arrangements.

First, what should you consider before apartment/house hunting?

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