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Student Spotlight: Sam Kotler

“Other than good data, the most exciting thing for a scientist is talking about their work.” Sam said as he sat down to talk about his research and graduate student experience.

Sam holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of California at San Diego. “I thought I wanted to be an engineer, but it turns out I wasn’t crazy about it, so I applied to grad school.” With an undergraduate degree in physics, Sam wanted to return to his roots and discovered his passion there. When asked why he came to U-M, he grins and sheepishly says, “I’ve got to admit, I’ve been a Michigan football fan since I was a kid, but it helps that there was a lot of funding available, the biophysics department is great, and the faculty are doing research that I want to do.”

Student Spotlight: Meghan Forbes

A Ph.D. candidate in the Slavic Department, Meghan’s research focuses primarily on Czech and German literature and visual culture. Her dissertation centers on the relationship between the interwar Czech Avant-Garde of the 1920s and 30s, and other contemporary avant-garde or modernist movements in Europe (namely the Bauhaus in Germany and Surrealism in France).

Student Spotlight: Cass Adair

“This was a teaching experience beyond anything I could have imagined. This was a dream come true, the icing on the cake for my U-M experience, and added great depth to my education. I really loved this class.”

A 3rd year Ph.D. candidate, Cass created and taught “Transgender Politics and Community Activism” in the Residential College during the Winter 2014 term, as a one-term GSI appointment for an engaged-learning course sponsored by the Residential College (RC) and Rackham’s Arts of Citizenship program.

“This kind of work is a project for tenure track faculty in terms of the academic protocol of developing a curriculum. I used some transferable skills from my graduate studies, but some were completely new. This was an amazing opportunity.”