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Student Spotlight: Steve Allen

In his Ph.D. research, Steve is studying inflammatory breast cancer, specifically the microenvironment of normal tissue and immune responses to determine how non-cancerous cells may make this form of cancer more aggressive. A fundamental characteristic of inflammatory breast cancer is not necessarily that it grows and divides more rapidly than non-inflammatory breast cancer, but that inflammatory breast cancer cells are much more migratory and invasive. “This is considered the most lethal form of breast cancer; it comes on quickly, is quick forming and can metastasize within weeks and months instead of years.” he says.

Student Spotlight: John Gutoskey

A printmaker and assemblage artist, John Gutoskey was inspired to return for a Master’s in Fine Art later in life than many of his peers. He’s filled his three years as a graduate student at U-M with a significant list of accomplishments, attributing some of this drive to the fact that he’s a non-traditional student.

Rackham Students Showcase Local Impact in Detroit at Panel Event

As part of the celebration of the Victors for Michigan campaign kick-off, the Rackham Graduate School hosted a donor and student event that showcased graduate students at Michigan who are engaging in new endeavors, taking on very different challenges, and having an impact specifically in the Detroit community.

The panel, entitled “The Future of Detroit: Challenge, Promise, Opportunity,” highlighted the ways in which the University is working alongside Detroit’s residents to strengthen the community and its citizens. The panelists discussed the impact of their work in Detroit and how their efforts are trying to rebuild this great city.