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Student Spotlight: Frank Kwarcinski

Frank’s research involves using small molecule compounds to answer essential questions about cell growth and proliferation. More specifically, he studies the development of kinase inhibitors as both a potential cancer therapeutic and a probe to better describe phospho-signaling pathways. The goal is to characterize the interactions small molecules make with their target – research that will help elucidate the relationship between kinase structure and function, while providing useful cellular knowledge. “I want to help find the root of the problem, get to the underlying issue,” he says.

Alumni Spotlight: Esther Chae

“U-M was my first love and first grad school experience,” Esther says when sharing her journey from an undergraduate student in Seoul, Korea to the vastly different world she found in the Midwest. She describes, “I consider myself a quasi-overseas citizen. I was U.S. born but raised in Korea, where I was educated during my formative years. I wanted to study theater and acting and was offered a scholarship at the Theatre department at Michigan.

Student Spotlight: Shweta Ramdas

Shweta is from India and completed her undergraduate degree in nearby Singapore. “It was close to home and a great school for science. I knew I wanted to go to grad school and study genetics, and I was reading papers from researchers at Michigan. It made sense to come here.”

As many students in the Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) do, Shweta touts the rotation program in the first year. “It was great to have the first year to explore without commitments to different programs or labs. It did make it difficult to choose from the great choices.”