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Student Spotlight: Robin Zheng

It’s a good thing Robin likes to travel. Her graduate studies have taken her to conferences around the globe – from Germany to South Africa to Australia to Mexico. Out of one conference on “Diversity in Philosophy” at the University of Dayton, sponsored by the American Philosophical Association and its inclusion committees, a contingent of Michigan faculty and graduate students were motivated to take more concrete actions and create a public forum for dialogue around diversity. The discussion resulted in the founding of a Minorities and Philosophy chapter at U-M.

Bouchet Honor Society

Hector Garcia is passionate about increasing the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in engineering. Robin Zheng wants to help kids think critically and ethically, framing the lenses through which they see the world. Alana LeBron is trying to break down the invisibility of Latinos on campus and create broader dialogues with other graduate students. Nicolette Bruner’s personal mission is to help opposing members of a community reconcile their differences. Charles Senteio left his consulting career to pursue a meaningful path in public health in underrepresented populations. Shanta Robinson is creating an academic support system for homeless youth of color.

Alumni Spotlight: Richard D’Souza

“It gets under your skin.“ Richard D’Souza admits. “I didn’t know what it was, but I learned American football at the zenith of the Bo and Woody rivalry. I was an athlete and loved any kind of sport. The first game against Northwestern was just so-so, but as the season got better and better and we played big rival teams, I really got into the game.”