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Student Spotlight: Cat Cassel

Cat’s dissertation, with roots in animal studies and feminist theory, examines insectoid literature through a feminist lens with respect to gender stereotypes and humanization of animal species. She is most intrigued by the way in which insectoid representation informs technology and information in our lives.

“The Rackham Merit Fellowship has been amazing. Joining other RMFs at the Summer Institute was a tremendous way to meet peers and develop lifelong colleagues across departments. RMFs have a great base of interdisciplinary friends based on this foundation.”

Student Spotlight: Caitlin Townsend

Caitlin is researching the scientific revolution in early modern Europe as it relates to the collection, display and narrative of natural history collections. Her work concentrates on the Royal Society of London as well as other, less formal collectors of fossils and plants. She is interested in the role natural history collections played in the development of theories about the earth and the source of order in nature.

Student Spotlight: Austin McCoy

Austin came to Michigan for his doctorate because of the faculty. “That was the deciding factor for me. My research interests were focused on the Midwest, and U-M was the best fit.”