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Weekend Activities in Ann Arbor

Last spring, I wrote a post about slightly odd things to do in Ann Arbor – special thanks to commenters who added to the list! This summer has been my first one spent in Ann Arbor, so I want to continue the series with some fun summer-time activities in town. Please add your own favorites in the comments – Ann Arbor is a summer city, and there is loads to do!

Making the CASE for Science

The week of April 2, we (Pete Ehrett and Rachel Merzel) found ourselves headed to Washington, DC for the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s CASE workshop – Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering. The four-day program was designed to give Ph.D. students in science and engineering a view into how science and technology governance is conducted through the legislative process and executive-branch agencies, with a particular focus on appropriations and budgetary issues. In short: Science and Technology Policy Boot Camp.

Furnishing Your Apartment or Room on a Grad Student Budget

This is Part 3 of a series for graduate students who will begin their studies at U-M this fall. See Part 1: Navigating the Ann Arbor Housing Market and Part 2: How I Moved to Ann Arbor.

Amy wrote an excellent post describing her moving process. Now that you've made it to Ann Arbor, it's time to go furniture-shopping!" If you, like me, are on a budget and/or don’t have a car, here are some tips on furnishing your new place.