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Non scholae sed vitae 3: What will I be when I grow up?

I have been writing about my experiences both in engaged pedagogy and non-profit internships as I simultaneously work on my dissertation and explore the world beyond academia. In my previous post, I promised to talk more about career exploration and resources in general. Our own Bonnie recently wrote a very helpful blog post on the topic, and this post should be considered a complementary (although unsolicited!) piece to hers.

Non scholae sed vitae 2: The profit in non-profit

Last semester, I mentioned how I’d been exploring the implications and applications of my education to the real world through community-based learning and engaged pedagogy. Moving forward, my goals are to expand my thinking about university teaching and research on one hand, and to think about non-tenure jobs both within and without a university setting on the other. Alt-ac in its truest sense, if you will: exploring alternatives to the traditional tenure-track, whether they be in an academic setting or not. Another prong of this self-crafted program of exploration has been interning for a non-profit.