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In Search of the Perfect Study Space

I am a somewhat finicky and fickle person. This also extends to study spaces. What works for me one day might be unbearably distracting the next, and what helps me focus on grading might not work when I’m trying to write my dissertation. As a result, I can often be seen migrating between different nooks and crannies around campus. Below are some of my regular spots, organized by task. Feel free to share your favorite spots in the comments!

Slightly Odd Things to Do in Southeast Michigan

As the summer approaches, I will once more be headed to Greece to do my fieldwork. But for those who will be in Ann Arbor and will (hopefully) have a bit more free time than usual, here are some delightful-yet-quirky things to do I have discovered over the past year. I suspect fellow international students will get a special kick out of these, but even Americans might find some novel experiences on the list.

Inside the Diamondback Saloon

Diamondback Saloon.

Non scholae sed vitae 3: What will I be when I grow up?

I have been writing about my experiences both in engaged pedagogy and non-profit internships as I simultaneously work on my dissertation and explore the world beyond academia. In my previous post, I promised to talk more about career exploration and resources in general. Our own Bonnie recently wrote a very helpful blog post on the topic, and this post should be considered a complementary (although unsolicited!) piece to hers.