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I Changed Research Groups, and the World Didn’t End - Part 1: The Divorce

If you’ve been in or around the world of academia for long enough, you’ve probably heard the analogy that joining a research group is like getting married. I’ve even heard research rotations explained as akin to dating. So, at the risk of stretching this metaphor too far, that would make leaving a research group the academic equivalent of divorce.

Meet the Bloggers: Deanna Montgomery

Hi there! My name is Deanna, and like many of you, I spend a lot of time pretending I have it all together.

I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in Medicinal Chemistry - and no, you’re not the first person to ask me what that means. My short answer is “chemistry as applied to drug discovery.” My long answer includes phrases like “organic synthesis” and “it depends who you ask.”