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Dealing with Death: An "Out of This World” Ethic of Care

This past month has been rough. I have lost a father, a mentor, and a staff member in my department in the span of three weeks. These three deaths were soul-crushing, inviting me to consider what it means to deal with sorrow and despair while managing an array of expectations and demands.

This blog piece asks a question that continues to gnaw at my mind and heart: How do we unplug in order to spend time processing sorrow amidst the chaos of deadlines, milestones, and obligations?

I am concerned.

Upcoming RSG Election: But What is RSG?

Want to learn more about how to further enhance your graduate experience? Do you want to take a leadership role on campus, impact graduate student funding, and collaborate with administrators and policymakers? Looking for a way to engage in conversations and actions around the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) plan? Or are you interested in being a part of the graduate community in other meaningful ways? Rackham Student Government (RSG) is the way to go! RSG currently has multiple representative positions open from across the four divisions. All nominations must be submitted via the RSG F16 Election Candidate Form by November 19th.

Meet the Bloggers: Jallicia Jolly

I was 15 years old when I discovered my love for words.

My arms swung loosely and bones shook on the Brooklyn spoken word poetry stage. As I faced the fear of performing untold stories, the gates of my heart opened. Etched along the walls of my mind, were the tales of a Jamaican immigrant child, legacies of Caribbean womancestors, journeys along kindred routes, and lives that face unspeakable traumas. The contours of my life filled every line, forming pieces of life stories that refused to be silenced. I spoke.