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How I Moved to Ann Arbor

This is Part 2 of a series for graduate students who will begin their studies at U-M this fall. See Part 1: Navigating the Ann Arbor Housing Market and Part 3: Furnishing Your Apartment or Room on a Grad Student Budget.

So you’ve accepted your offer to join a graduate program at U-M. Congrats and welcome!

I remember the excitement after accepting my offer to join the Program in Biomedical Sciences at U-M, but I also remember the apprehension about moving across the country started setting in almost immediately. Luckily, I had a few months to figure out my moving plan.

Four Ph.D. Students' Journeys to Graduate School – Part 2: Preparing Academically and Thinking About Careers

Last Friday, I shared Part 1 of an audio blog post, in which four Ph.D. students in the sciences, including myself, discussed the motivations and goals behind our decision to continue on to higher education and pursue a Ph.D.

Today I am excited to share the second half of this audio blog post, which delves into our academic and professional experiences, starting with our undergraduate careers that contributed to our decision and readiness to apply to graduate school.

A full transcript of the recording is provided below, in which any biology or graduate school specific terms are explained briefly.