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Move Yourself to U-Move

Most graduate students I know have that thing they do they when get stuck on a problem. Some get outside, some cook, some nap-- I grab the U-Move schedule and see what classes are happening. Fast-forward a few hours to the end of yoga class: I'm lying on my mat, my eyes are closed, the instructor is telling us to clear our mind, and all-of-the-sudden: Of course. The answer to my problem; it was obvious. Stuck no more!

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A list of things from Fall 2015 that make graduate life better

During my last two years of undergrad, whenever I mentioned I was applying to graduate school, the most consistent response I got was a comment or joke about how I’d essentially be living in lab, even from friends who didn’t know much about graduate school in biology.

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So Let's Talk Data Collection: When Everything Doesn't Go as Planned

On paper, my plan for data collection is very streamlined and very direct- after all, I had to justify my process to my committee and get it approved. I am recruiting patients for my data collection from my own clinical practice, since this is what inspired my interest in my dissertation project to begin with. I have packets made up, I have duplicates of the consent form, I have adjusted my clinic schedule, I have a locked cabinet for signed consents, I have well-thought-out inclusion and exclusion criteria for my study. I have a plan for beginning to discuss my data.