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Postcard from the Field: Budapest

View of the Blue Danube.

View of the Blue Danube.

My project took me to Budapest, Hungary where I researched the conflicting notions of identity and nationhood present in Hungarian literature. I spent the majority of my time brushing up on my Hungarian language skills and sifting through authors' personal diaries, letters & memorabilia in the National Library and antique bookstores. My trip was funded by the Rackham Summer Research Award.

- McKenna Marko, Master's Student, Slavic Languages and Literatures

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Meet the Bloggers: Jallicia Jolly

I was 15 years old when I discovered my love for words.

My arms swung loosely and bones shook on the Brooklyn spoken word poetry stage. As I faced the fear of performing untold stories, the gates of my heart opened. Etched along the walls of my mind, were the tales of a Jamaican immigrant child, legacies of Caribbean womancestors, journeys along kindred routes, and lives that face unspeakable traumas. The contours of my life filled every line, forming pieces of life stories that refused to be silenced. I spoke.

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Exploring the Atomic City

Just when you’re about to lose attention from your project in the utter significance of the atomic city - Los Alamos, NM - or the stunning beauty of the tent rock canyon, the excitement of working with top researchers in the field of materials physics reels you back. As my summer at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) comes to an all too fast close, I cannot help but reflect on not only how much my project has grown, but also my ability as a researcher.