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Not Just a New Name, But New Ways of Thinking: The Rackham Program in Public Scholarship

At the start of this term, I stepped into a new role as a Graduate Student Staff Assistant with the Rackham Program in Public Scholarship. One of my first official responsibilities was helping to coordinate and facilitate an event marking the renaming of Rackham's Arts of Citizenship to the Rackham Program in Public Scholarship (RaPPS). For me, this was equal parts exhilarating and intimidating.

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Announcing a Restructure of Rackham's Programming for Graduate Students

Rackham’s Office of Graduate Student Success has been integrated into the Dean’s Office under a new unit: Graduate Student Programs. The two new units and their titles reflect strategic program priorities as outlined by Dean Carol A. Fierke: 1) Professional and Academic Development and 2) Recruitment and Graduate Student Engagement. These teams represent Rackham's commitment to provide programs to recruit and support a thriving, diverse, and inclusive graduate student community.

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In Search of the Perfect Study Space

I am a somewhat finicky and fickle person. This also extends to study spaces. What works for me one day might be unbearably distracting the next, and what helps me focus on grading might not work when I’m trying to write my dissertation. As a result, I can often be seen migrating between different nooks and crannies around campus. Below are some of my regular spots, organized by task. Feel free to share your favorite spots in the comments!