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Lauren Johns

Lauren Johns, Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental Health Sciences, Predoctoral Fellowship, Rackham Pre-Candidacy Award, Conference Travel Grants, Rackham Emergency Fund

Student Spotlight: Lauren Johns

Sheila Waterhouse 01/13/2017

After finishing her M.P.H. degree in Epidemiology at U-M in 2011, Lauren worked as a consultant at an environmental and occupational health consulting firm where she assessed chemical exposures and health risks in the workplace. That experience motivated her to delve deeper into the environmental health field so she turned to Dr. John Meeker in the School of Public Health whose research focuses on environmental epidemiology, specifically on how environmental exposures affect reproductive health.

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So Hae (Irene) Park

So Hae (Irene) Park, Ph.D. Candidate, Human Genetics, Rackham Merit Fellowship, Rackham Research Grant, Conference Travel Grant

Student Spotlight: So Hae (Irene) Park

Sheila Waterhouse 01/06/2017

Irene has two faculty advisors, Thomas Wilson and Thomas Glover, an atypical situation for doctoral candidates in the sciences. For her, having two advisors has been largely positive. “I get surprised every time: my faculty advisors are so different but they can work well together. They are almost like a second set of parents to me.”

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Herb Sachs

Herb Sachs, M.S., Natural Resources Administration

Alumni Spotlight: Herb Sachs

Sheila Waterhouse 01/06/2017

How a U-M graduate education shaped the career for an environmentalist ahead of his time.

Time in Alaska can change a person. That happened for Herb Sachs when, after his undergraduate experience, he spent time there while serving the army. Always prone to spending time outdoors, Herb never considered anything in that realm as a potential vocation. It turns out, that was exactly what he was meant to do - and he did so over the course of a groundbreaking career that shaped environmental policy for the State of Maryland.

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