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Iván Chaar-López, Ph.D. Candidate, American Culture, Program in Public Scholarship Mellon Fellowship, Rackham Research Grant

Student Spotlight: Iván Chaar-López

Sheila Waterhouse 02/20/2017

Not many people went to college when they were 5, but Iván did. Granted, he was in kindergarten at a lab school at the University of Puerto Rico. He was ready for a change when it came time for graduate school, but he kept going, finishing his Master’s in History while his partner finished her law degree.

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Ashley Hardin

Ashley Hardin, Ph.D. Candidate, Business Administration, Predoctoral Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Ashley Hardin

Sheila Waterhouse 02/13/2017

“I grew up loving this place. I’ve always felt at home here.” And that makes sense: Ashley’s been wandering around Ann Arbor since she was a little kid. Growing up only an hour north of Ann Arbor and as the fifth member of her immediate family to attend U-M, she is familiar with what it means to be a Wolverine. Now, as a doctoral candidate in Business Adminstration, concentrating in Management & Organizations, she’s deepened what that means to her.

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Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis, Master's, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Alumni Spotlight: Lisa Davis

Sheila Waterhouse 02/10/2017

Lisa Davis fell into a job she loves through a summer internship after her Master’s degree at U-M. “I applied to an internship pool and they placed me with this office.  I had no idea what I was getting into and didn’t know anything about working for the government.  It really just sounded like a good way to spend the summer,” she says.  Little did Lisa know that she would evolve that summer opportunity into a meaningful career.  Since 2007, Lisa has served as an Operations Research Analyst for the Department of Defense in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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Roz Abrams

Roz Abrams, M.A., Speech

Alumni Spotlight: Roz Abrams

Sheila Waterhouse 02/03/2017

“For me, graduate school was one of the most important aspects of my life and success.” Some alumni find that sentiment centers on academic achievement or incredible mentoring from faculty. For Roz Abrams, celebrated television broadcaster and award winning journalist, her primary takeaway from graduate school revolved around failure. She candidly shares, “I had a situation that happened in graduate school that shaped me consciously and unconsciously. I realize it set me up for greater things.”

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Omari Keeles

Omari Keeles, Ph.D. Candidate, Education and Psychology, Rackham Merit Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Omari Keeles

Sheila Waterhouse 02/03/2017

Omari has been in school a long time. After his undergraduate degree at Howard, he pursued a Master’s in Public Health at George Washington University, two Master’s degrees at Columbia, then started a Ph.D. program at Miami. His three years at Miami got him through his coursework, but it was a tough road. That all changed when U-M faculty member Laura Kohn-Wood came to the Miami campus. Omari says, “I googled her, saw on her CV that she received her undergrad from Howard, and she became my mentor from day one.”

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