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Discover Rackham

Elizabeth Dreyer

Elizabeth Dreyer, Ph.D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering, Rackham Merit Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Dreyer

Sheila Waterhouse 04/21/2017

Her sophomore year at Michigan Tech University, Liz discovered optics and fell in love with light. “To me waves make sense. In electrical engineering, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. In order for me to effectively contribute to the world, I needed to learn more about optics,” she explains.

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Patricia Griffin

Patricia Griffin, Ph.D., Education

Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Griffin

Sheila Waterhouse 04/10/2017

Patricia Griffin recognizes that many graduate students weren’t as financially fortunate as she was.

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Aeriel Murphy

Aeriel Murphy, Ph.D. Candidate, Materials Science and Engineering, Rackham Merit Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Aeriel Murphy

Sheila Waterhouse 04/07/2017

Aeriel Murphy was the kid doing science fair projects even when there wasn’t a science fair. Moving to a very rural Alabama community when she started high school, she could easily have gotten lost. Her family, most of whom are educators, had raised her to recognize opportunity, and that’s what happened when a teacher noticed her aptitude for math and science and told her about the science fair. Above and beyond that experience, Aeriel started doing research in high school, working with a professor at the University of Alabama for three years before studying there.

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Charles Betsey

Charles Betsey, A.B. and Ph.D., Economics

Alumni Spotlight: Charles Betsey

Sheila Waterhouse 03/21/2017

Charles Betsey spent most of his childhood in Detroit.  His family moved to Ann Arbor the summer before 9th grade and like many local kids, he had aspirations of becoming a Michigan Wolverine. “I still remember the joy I felt the day I received my acceptance letter to LSA. I was sure I was going to be a Spanish teacher, but when I took my first course in economics, taught by Dan Fusfeld, I realized econ was for me.” Dr. Betsey fulfilled his dream twice over, completing his undergraduate degree in Economics and Spanish and continuing immediately for his Ph.D.

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Jihyeon Yeom

Jihyeon Yeom, Ph.D. Candidate, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Barbour Scholarship, Predoctoral Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Jihyeon Yeom

Sheila Waterhouse 03/17/2017

Before coming to Michigan, Jihyeon worked at the Argonne National Lab in Chicago, but she knew she shouldn’t stay put. “It was while working at Argonne that I realized to do more important or precious research, I need to know more about whatever field I’m in.” She applied to six graduate schools and was drawn to U-M because of her faculty advisor, Professor Nicholas Kotov. “He is famous in my field and set me up as Graduate Student Research Assistant. So I packed all my stuff in my tiny car and moved to Michigan from Chicago.”

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