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Discover Rackham

Steve Ullmann

Steve Ullmann, Ph.D., Economics

Alumni Spotlight: Steve Ullmann

Kyah Dubay 08/11/2017

As an undergraduate student at University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Steve Ullmann knew he would continue his education and eventually build a career in economics, specifically in antitrust and regulatory theory. He had extensive conversations with faculty and mentors, during which he expressed his goals of studying at the graduate level, and they all replied with the same advice: Go to Michigan.

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Colleen Crouch

Colleen Crouch, Ph.D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering, Division 2 Representative and Student Life Chair, Rackham Student Government, Rackham Merit Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Colleen Crouch

Sheila Waterhouse 08/04/2017

Colleen is exploring. She grew up on a farm and went to college in a big city. She lived in the Southeast and on the West coast. Now she’s enjoying what the Midwest has to offer. “Ann Arbor offered a chance for something completely new. I wanted to explore a different part of the country. I also wanted a school with Division 1 sports - I have season tickets to football and hockey.”

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Nkemka AnyiwoNkemka Anyiwo, Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology and Social Work, Program in Public Scholarship Award

Student Spotlight: Nkemka Anyiwo

Sheila Waterhouse 07/24/2017

Nkemka did a lot of work in youth community organizations over a number of years and through those experiences, she recognized that so many people have intentions of what they want to do with the kids they support but don’t have the research foundation to ground programs. “Community based organizations would benefit from others who can investigate processes and who care about community engagement research. I felt like I could do that, and my research exposure had me realize the connections between community work and the research I was doing.”

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David K. Jones

David K. Jones, Ph.D., Health Services Organization and Policy

Alumni Spotlight: David K. Jones

Kyah Dubay 07/24/2017

Before coming to the University of Michigan, David K. Jones worked in the Idaho legislature, finding himself increasingly interested in policy at the state level. When it came time to find the right place to pursue his graduate education, he knew he needed an institution where he would combine his two areas of interest- politics and health policy. That, combined with a myriad of other factors, attracted him to a U-M education. “Michigan had everything I was looking for – expert faculty, a collegial and supportive atmosphere, and great funding options.”

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Amy Westmoreland

Amy Westmoreland, Ph.D. Candidate, Psychology, Predoctoral Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Amy Westmoreland

Sheila Waterhouse 07/11/2017

Amy’s dissertation looks at diversity in the workplace and how racial stereotypes influence chances for upward mobility. She particularly focuses on Asian Americans and the model minority myth that portrays Asian Americans as competent and smart but lacking social skills, stereotyping them as fit for jobs that require competence and technical expertise but unfit for jobs that require leadership skills.

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