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Alumni and Giving

Discover how Michigan graduate alumni are creating positive change in the world. Discover the groundbreaking research and achievements of our students. Discover what puts Rackham at the center of the graduate student experience.

Last updated: January 11, 2017 - 12:54pm

Discover Today’s Rackham Graduate School

Eric Bettis

Eric Bettis, Ph.D. Student, Urban and Regional Planning, Boehner Fellowship, Rackham Merit Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Eric Bettis

Kyah Dubay 03/08/2018

When people think of social equity, most don’t immediately think of a city transit system, but for Rackham graduate student, Eric Bettis, the two are directly related. As a second-year Ph.D. student in urban and regional planning at Taubman College, Eric spends the majority of his time thinking about how transit systems and transportation provision can be used to make the world more equitable. How does providing more transit options... continue reading

Chinbo ChongChinbo Chong, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science, Rackham Merit Fellowship, Clark & Robin Chandler Graduate Award, Rackham Conference Travel Grant

Student Spotlight: Chinbo Chong

Kyah Dubay 03/08/2018

Originally from Seattle, political science Ph.D. candidate Chinbo Chong didn’t always think a career in academia was for her, but that all changed when she met someone with a potentially shared experience in the field. During her undergraduate career, she took her first political science course and was pleasantly surprised on the first day of class when her professor, an Asian American man, walked into the room. “I knew I wanted... continue reading

Yuval Katz

Yuval Katz, Ph.D. Student, Communication Studies, Ruth Youngblood Fellowship

Student Spotlight: Yuval Katz

Kyah Dubay 03/05/2018

“What does peace mean to you?” That’s what Yuval Katz wants to know. A Ph.D. student in communication studies, Yuval came to the University of Michigan after earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. “I read about the department and it seemed like a group of collaborative thinkers, rather than the politics that often go along with academia.” Yuval’s... continue reading

Bryan Maldonado

Bryan Maldonado, Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering, Rackham Summer Award

Student Spotlight: Bryan Maldonado

Kyah Dubay 02/02/2018

Bryan Maldonado, originally from Ecuador, knew that when it came to being on the cutting edge of automotive technology, there was no better place to go than Michigan. “The decision was easy,” he said. “Michigan was the best option by far.” Bryan came to Rackham in 2014 as a master’s student and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. Growing up, Bryan had always had an interest in cars, and... continue reading