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Reports and Renewals

Year-end Report

A year-end report is due by July 21.

Year-end Reports must include:

  • Narrative Report
  • Itemized Budget Report (you must use this template)
  • (As necessary) Explanation of any departures from the approved budget
  • All of the above should be submitted as 1 PDF if submitting via e-mail to
  • Signatures from your faculty sponsor and department administrator indicating their approval of the year-end report. (We will accept an e-mail with their approval in lieu of an actual signature on the report.)

Please submit the report to When the online system is live in July we will no longer accept submissions via e-mail.

Narrative Report

Please provide a general description of your activities. This should include how many meetings you held, their topics, format, location(s), attendance and character. What role did the website play in your work? To the degree that you know them, include outcomes like new collaborations that resulted from the Workshop. Did you accomplish what you expected to, or move in a direction that surprised the group’s organizers? What worked well, and what did not?

We are interested not only in hearing how Rackham’s support made a difference for your group, but also in any comments you may have about how the Workshop program is structured. Please let us know if there are elements that are particularly helpful and important for you, and should be preserved, or things that you think we should do differently.

Itemized Budget Report

Please complete the Itemized Budget Report. No receipts are necessary. Attach a narrative for any portions of the report that require explanation.

The financial report must be approved by both the group’s faculty sponsor and by the staff member responsible for administering the account.

Renewal Applications

Applications for renewal of sponsorship for an existing group are due July 21.

An application specifically designed for requesting renewals of funding is available in PDF format. Please note that if your group will operate under a new name next year, you should enter both the previous and the new title. (It is not necessary to include information about past topics, sponsors, and so on.)

All renewal applications must include the following:

  • Cover Sheet (you must use this template)
  • Topic Statement (500 words or less)
  • Planned Activities which must include: 1. a culminating event or product and 2. opportunities for students to receive feedback on their written work
  • Proposed Budget (you must use this template)
  • List of Participants and their academic programs
  • Abbreviated CVs of the graduate student coordinator(s) and faculty sponsor(s). Each CV is not to exceed 3 pages
  • All of the above should be submitted as 1 PDF if submitting via e-mail to

Please explain any changes in focus, format or participation, and describe the activities planned for next year. Your renewal request should also include comments on how the transition to new coordinators and sponsors will be made, if that is applicable. Include comments on changes that you have made from the arrangements of the previous years, if that is applicable. Please send all materials as one single PDF document to